• $7.95


  • NO MESS - The Hogg DIY Scrap Collector helps you clean as you craft; The collector acts as a mini trash can so you can keep all of your scraps in one place for easy disposal and a clean workspace.
  • VERSATILE - The Hogg DIY Scrap Collector works with all forms of HTV and Adhesive Vinyl.  The fingers of the top opening grab vinyl off of your hook with ease, working as an extra hand in your craft room!
  • SUCTIONED BOTTOM - Equipped with a suction cup bottom, the The Hogg DIY Scrap Collector is made to firmly stick to any flat surface without leaving a mark making it easier to remove all vinyl from your hook.
  • EASY TO STORE - Small and made from a flexible silicone, the The Hogg DIY Scrap Collector is easy to store on shelves, in drawers and on your table top, adding no clutter to your craft room!