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Crafters who love to create sparkling glitter globe tumblers will find the perfect tool in this funnel. Measuring 2 1/8" tall, it is just the right size for handling and is designed with a convenient tab at the top for easy holding. The funnel's clear plastic material allows for easy visibility of the contents being poured, ensuring that glitter and other decorative elements are dispersed evenly.

The funnel is designed to fit perfectly into the pre-drilled hole on the bottom of Hogg Glitter Globe Tumblers, making it ideal for those who love to customize their tumblers with glitter and other embellishments. The small opening at the tip of the funnel, which measures 1/8" in diameter, allows for precise and controlled pouring of glitter into the tumbler without making a mess.

Crafters will appreciate the funnel's compact size, which makes it easy to store in a craft room without taking up too much space. Its 2 1/8" diameter opening also allows for easy cleaning, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to any crafter's toolkit.

Overall, this funnel is an essential tool for crafters who love to create glittery and sparkling tumblers. Its clear plastic material, convenient holding tab, precise tip, and compact size make it a must-have for any crafter looking to add some sparkle to their tumblers!

  • Clear Plastic
  • Tab at top for easier holding 
  • 2 1/8" tall x 2/8" wide at top x 1/4" wide at bottom
  • 1/8" Opening at bottom 
  • Fits into all predrilled Hogg Glitter Globe Tumblers