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Full wrap blank template for the 40oz Traveler Tumbler. Download includes the following file types:

  • SVG
  • DXF
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • JPG

Includes both Seamless and Overlap variants of each file type. Also includes a simple Text file with tumbler wrap dimensions in both US and Metric sizing for reference, as well as a copy of the EULA and instructions on how to use.

NOTE: This wrap template for the TRAVELER Tumbler is segmented into 3 sections in order to accurately cover the tumbler’s shape. The sections are in order, top to bottom, with respect to the tumbler.

So the top most section covers the top of the tumbler by the lid, the center section covers the curved section, and the bottom section covers from the end of the curve to the start of the bottom cap.

If applied correctly, the wrap segments together will cover almost the entire tumbler, except for the bottom “cap” section.

If you're working with Circut or Silhouette Studio, the files may require resizing. Please refer to the Measurements text file for the measurement reference to assist you.

How Tumbler Wraps Are Used

Don't be alarmed if you open the file and only see a colored shape. That IS the template. If you're new to tumbler wrap templates, be aware that the files are specifically sized blank shapes meant to fit a specific tumbler. To preface: these are BLANK templates, intended to accept a new design of your creation. Create and apply your design in an appropriate editing software first, replacing the generic color we used to fill the shape, before printing it out.

NOTE: This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT [©Hogg Outfitters LLC 2023]. Tumbler is NOT included. On purchase, a ZIP file will be available for download containing a total of 13 files within.

These files are NOT FOR RESALE, TRADING, GIFTING, or SHARING. They are intended to be used by the buyer for the sublimation and/or wrapping of Hogg Tumblers. Further, we ask that you do not alter and distribute the altered files, claiming them as your own.

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