The Importance of Choosing a US-Based Tumbler Supplier

The Importance of Choosing a US-Based Tumbler Supplier

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Picture this: you're sipping your morning coffee from a glittery, personalized tumbler that sparkles brighter than your dreams — and you made it yourself! 

If you're a crafty entrepreneur, a stay-at-home mom flexing her artistic muscles, or simply someone with an undeniable passion for customized drinkware, you're in the right place. In the ever-growing world of custom tumblers, selecting a reliable US-based tumbler supplier can make all the difference in expanding your creative empire.

In this article, we'll explore the countless benefits of partnering with a domestic wholesale tumbler supplier that can help transform your ideas into a glittery reality. So grab your favorite drink, and keep reading if you’re ready to elevate your crafting game and charm your clients! 

3 Reasons Choosing US-Based Tumbler Suppliers Makes a Difference

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As a savvy crafter, you know the importance of a reliable partner, and working with a US-based wholesale supplier can make a world of difference in your crafting ventures. Let's spill the glitter on the many benefits of partnering with a domestic tumbler supplier that can help your business soar to dazzling heights.

1. Faster Shipping Times

Let's face it: we love our tumblers, and we want them ASAP! By choosing a supplier based in the States, you can enjoy the unbeatable convenience of domestic shipping. This means quicker delivery times and more reliable tracking, so you can spend less time worrying about shipments and more time focusing on your fabulous creations.

With faster shipping times comes improved order processing, allowing you to fulfill your clients' needs on time. After all, a satisfied customer is a loyal one, and your prompt service will keep them coming back for more of your dazzling designs.

2. Enhanced Quality Control

You wouldn't settle for subpar materials when crafting your tumblers, would you? 

US-based tumbler suppliers pride themselves in selling high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring that you can trust the products you purchase from them. They understand that cutting corners on quality is never an option and are committed to upholding the highest standards, even when sourcing their products from international manufacturers.

When you choose to work with a US-based supplier, you’re not only investing in top-tier tumblers but also supporting a company that values the quality of their product and the safety of their customers. Plus, knowing that your creations are both beautiful and built to last makes your work even more fulfilling!

3. Better Customer Service

When you've got questions, you want answers! Teaming up with a US-based tumbler supplier means no more navigating time zones or language barriers. With the ease of communication, you can address concerns and resolve issues efficiently, leaving you free to channel your energy into your spectacular tumbler creations.

When you choose a US-based tumbler supplier, you get more than just high-quality products — you also get a dedicated team that's ready and eager to assist you in your crafting journey! This commitment to top-notch customer service will help ensure that your tumbler business thrives and flourishes.

US-Based Suppliers Also Support Local Economies and Make a Positive Impact

Image Credit: Manning The Press

When you choose the right tumbler supplier, you're not just supporting your own creative endeavors — you're also giving a boost to the local economy. 

By partnering with domestic businesses, you're investing in your community and helping create job opportunities for fellow Americans. It's a win-win situation that benefits everyone involved and leaves a lasting, positive impact on our neighborhoods.

There's nothing quite like the sense of unity and pride that comes from working together as a nation. When you opt for a US-based tumbler supplier, you're championing the spirit of community. By sourcing your materials domestically, you're not only enhancing your crafting business but also supporting the hard work of fellow American entrepreneurs.

The world of tumbler crafting is brimming with talent, creativity, and passion. Teaming up with the right wholesale supplier opens new doors to collaboration and networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with like-minded crafters and business owners. These relationships can lead to exciting new projects, innovative ideas, and even the potential to grow and expand your own crafty empire. 

Go ahead and make those connections — your business and your community will thank you!

Spoiler Alert: HOGG Outfitters Is the US-Based Tumbler Supplier of Your Dreams!

Now that you have the low-down on why you should work with a tumbler supplier based in the States — let us introduce ourselves! We’re HOGG Outfitters, and we aim to be your one-stop shop for all things custom tumblers. 

Since 2017, we’ve helped talented tumbler artists like you achieve their glitter-fueled dreams by providing high-quality wholesale tumblers. We started as a vendor, reselling other brands, but shifted our focus to manufacturing superior products for our loyal customers.

Here are five ways that we shine brighter than our competitors:

Photo Credit: The Subbin Susters

1. Our Prices Are Unbeatable

When you hear that a company’s headquarters is in America, the first thing that typically comes to mind is higher prices. But we’ll let you in on a secret — it’s not like that at HOGG!

Our individual tumbler prices range from just $4.95 for our best-selling 20 oz. skinny tumblers to $21.75 for a giant 100 oz. jug. When you step up to purchasing bulk cases, those prices tumble down even further (skinny tumblers are only $3.99 when you buy a case of 24).

We know that value is #1 for our cost-conscious crafters, and that’s why we love giving our customers a deal by constantly running sales. To stay up-to-date with our latest deals, join our private Facebook group today!

2. We Have an INCREDIBLE Online Community

Did we mention that we have a private Facebook group with over 80k members?!

One way Irene, our fearless leader, grew the business in its early stages was through a wholesale Facebook group. In three short months, that community expanded from 10 members to nearly 10,000 and hasn’t stopped growing since.

Irene is still incredibly active in the group. She posts daily, listens to your feedback, and uses that feedback to improve the services we provide here at HOGG constantly.

This group offers more than a place to share your feedback — it’s also a place where our crafting community can problem-solve together, get new customized tumbler ideas, and show off their unique creations. When you become part of the HOGG family, you gain access to a network of crafters you’ll find nowhere else in the industry.

Request to join the group today and learn how our community is different! 

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3. We Have Lightning-Fast Shipping

Getting new blank tumblers as fast as possible is essential! And we make that happen in a couple of ways.

We have two warehouses strategically located in the States to provide the best shipping times around. Whether you experiment with glittery epoxy tumblers on the East Coast or sublimating eye-catching cups in California, you’ll never have to worry about waiting on inventory. Our standard shipping typically arrives in 2-3 days.

And if 2-3 days is too long for you, we also offer an overnight option. That’s right — you can have fresh blank tumblers delivered to your door in under 48 hours after checkout. Choosing the overnight shipping option makes it so you don’t need to wait long when you get the creative spark for a new tumbler idea.

4. Our Customer Service Is Beyond Amazing

Let’s face it — spending days waiting on an email response from customer service and working through language barriers really cramp your creative style.

On the rare occasion that you need to contact the customer service team at HOGG because of a damaged or defective product, please reach out within 30 days of purchase with a photo or video of the issue. We’re more than happy to quickly fix the problem by offering store credit for a shiny, new replacement. 

Our team is completely based in the US, so there’s no language barrier here. And we treat our customers like family, which means you’ll receive the care you deserve. Here’s what one of our customers had to say after trying to work with a different supplier:

"I realized that Hogg's customer service can not be beat. You always reply right away or usually within 24 hours, there is no language barrier, and any issues that would arise, you would fix it. When dealing with the other company I went to, I had to end up eating the cost of their mistakes. I realized that it wasn't worth staying with that company."

You can also reach out via the Facebook group for premier customer service. Whether it’s Irene, another staff member, or a fellow crafter in the community, we guarantee you’ll quickly receive answers to your questions.

5. We Stick to the Highest Manufacturing Standards

You're looking for three things in your wholesale tumbler orders: superior value, exceptional customer service, and a stellar product!

We manufacture all of our tumblers in China with strict quality control, so when you order HOGG products, you can rest assured that they meet uncompromising standards. Our tumblers stack up against industry leaders regarding the exterior finish, insulation, and durability. 

One of our Facebook group members shared that her husband’s tumbler caught fire, and it still kept his drink ice cold! 

Buy Your Bulk Tumblers from the Stainless Depot by HOGG Today!

In the sparkling world of tumbler crafting, ordering from us is more than just a smart business decision — it's an investment in your community and your fellow crafters. 

At HOGG Outfitters, we’re dedicated to giving our customers the best product, pricing, and experience on the market. And in addition to our outstanding prices, we have an active online community that provides the support you need to grow your business, troubleshoot frequent custom tumbler creation issues, and expand your creative ideas!

Cheers to your success, and remember: when in doubt, just add glitter!

A special Thank You to our community for contributing the incredible designs in this article!

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