colored tumblers with handles

The Benefits of Selling Tumblers with Handles

colored tumblers with handles

As a tumbler entrepreneur, you’re likely always on the lookout for valuable new products that will set your brand apart from your competitors. One trending product you can incorporate into your offerings balances functionality with style: tumblers with handles.

These aren't just your run-of-the-mill beverage containers. They represent a fusion of practicality and trendiness and are especially gaining traction on platforms like TikTok.

These products can bring more than just a physical grip to your offerings — they can enable you to capitalize on a lucrative trend. HOGG's unique range of handled tumblers, especially the coveted 40 oz traveler, offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to ride this wave.

Dive in as we explore the benefits of selling these tumblers and how you can strategically position your business to thrive in this market.

The Rise of Tumblers with Handles

As consumers, we always look for products that meld design with functionality. With its combination of style and utility, it’s no surprise that tumblers with handles have emerged as a favorite in drinkware.

Not only do they cater to our need for convenient hydration solutions, but they also carry an undeniable aesthetic appeal. Let's explore the factors propelling the rise of these tumblers and why they're selling like hotcakes.

Why They're Useful

First and foremost, you can’t overlook the usefulness of tumblers with handles. The very design speaks of user-centric innovation.

Have you ever tried sipping your coffee while walking, only to find the tumbler slipping or the beverage spilling? Handles eliminate this hassle. With a firm grip, you can confidently carry your drink, be it a piping hot latte or an icy cold smoothie, without the fear of accidents.

Trendiness Factor

The age of social media has changed the way we perceive products. Platforms like TikTok don't just showcase catchy dance moves anymore — they're also a hub for lifestyle trends. And tumblers with handles have been trending on TikTok recently.

Their sleek design and practicality resonate with individuals who are always on the move. It's like having a functional fashion accessory — a touch of class and convenience in one package.

Proven Sales Record

While utility and style are essential, at the end of the day, numbers talk. Tumblers with handles are a proven commodity in the market.

Their universal appeal, spanning different age groups and demographics, underscores their market potential. When a product consistently performs well in sales, it's a testament to its acceptance and popularity among the masses.

In essence, the rise of tumblers with handles shows a shift toward products that prioritize both form and function. As we progress, entrepreneurs and businesses will do well to keep an eye on this trend and capitalize on its potential.

HOGG's Exclusive Handled Tumbler Offerings

In the ever-evolving tumbler market, we at HOGG Outfitters take pride in our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, and in keeping with that theme, we offer high-quality tumblers with handles.

Our line of tumblers with handles epitomizes style and functionality, and we offer diverse options catering to varied customer preferences. Let's check out some of these standout offerings shaping the tumbler industry.

30 oz Sublimatable Grippy

The 30 oz Sublimatable Grippy offers a unique canvas for your creativity, empowering you to craft an exceptional product that provides a convenient grip. Its removable handle ensures a comfortable hold, minimizing the chances of accidental drops.

The tumbler is also double-walled, vacuum-insulated, and features a rubber bottom. Entrepreneurs can use its sublimatable surface to infuse bespoke designs, creating a personalized customer experience.

40 oz Traveler

Arguably the crown jewel of HOGG's collection, the 40 oz Traveler combines elegance and practicality. Boasting a double-walled and vacuum-insulated design, this tumbler promises to keep beverages at their optimal temperature for extended periods.

Its robust capacity ensures that your customers won't find themselves constantly refilling, making it an invaluable companion for those long drives or demanding workdays. One of its standout features is its comfortable handle, which comes unattached from the tumbler — but no worries, instructions for easy attachment are provided.

You can also mix and match your Traveler tumblers with various handle colors thanks to our selection of different handle attachments.

Complementing the Traveler is a clear screw-on lid with a matching silicone stopper, ensuring no spills on the go. As an added perk, HOGG includes a free wrap template with every purchase.

The various designs available empower entrepreneurs to cater to diverse markets, ensuring their product line remains dynamic and appealing.

40 oz Favorite Tumbler with Handle

While it shares similarities with the Traveler, the 40 oz Favorite Tumblers stand out with their charming, colorful designs. Like the Traveler, it boasts a double-wall and vacuum-insulated construction, ensuring beverages maintain their desired temperature.

Accompanying this tumbler is a clear, straw-friendly push-on lid with a matching flip closure, improving its utility. A stainless straw with a matching silicone tip complements each tumbler, and to ensure its longevity, we include a straw cleaner and care card with each purchase.

20 oz Straight Hoggdle Skinny Tumbler

Sleek and modern, the 20 oz Straight Handle Skinny Tumbler is a nod to contemporary design aesthetics. Its straight handle, which isn't coated for sublimation, offers a distinct grip, blending functionality and style seamlessly.

It also comes with a clear sliding lid and a matching clear straw, further adding to its appeal. Packaged individually, this BPA-free, straight-designed tumbler is also coated for sublimation, making it a prime choice for customization projects. Altogether, it’s the perfect fit for customers who have an eye for minimalist yet chic designs.

Some great ways you can customize these tumblers include sublimation, epoxy, paint, glitter, and so much more!

20 oz Glass Skinny with Sleeve

Clear glass tumblers have an undeniable charm, and the 20 oz Glass Skinny is no exception. Made of pristine clear glass and paired with a protective silicone sleeve, it combines the timeless elegance of glass with the practicality of added protection. It also comes with a matching color straw and an eco-friendly bamboo lid.

One important note is that these cups aren't stainless steel vacuum-sealed tumblers and may sweat.

25 oz Acrylic Tumbler with Handle & Straw

For those who appreciate a bit of flair, the 25 oz Acrylic Tumbler is a treat. Its double-wall construction made of acrylonitrile styrene (AS) acrylic makes it highly durable.

Its accompanying straw ensures a spill-free drinking experience, thanks to a lid with a dedicated straw opening. The handle guarantees a firm grip, tying this product together.

20 oz Sublimatable Grippy Tumbler

Perfect for those seeking the Traveler's practicality but in a more compact size, the 20 oz Sublimatable Grippy Tumbler stands out. Like our other stainless-steel creations, we equipped it with double-wall vacuum insulation. Its ergonomically designed handle can be easily removed if needed, with instructions included.

Additionally, it comes with a clear push-on lid along with a matching silicone stopper as well as a stainless straw with a corresponding silicone tip. Finally, this tumbler isn't only BPA-free but also features a black rubber bottom for added stability.

32 oz Glass Mug with Handle and Sleeve

For serious coffee drinkers, the 32 oz Glass Mug with Handle and Sleeve is the go-to tumbler. Made from clear glass and paired with a protective silicone sleeve, it exudes style and durability.

Its rugged handle is perfect for various conditions, be it hiking trails or camping sites. A sustainable bamboo lid, accompanied by a stainless straw, adds a touch of eco-friendliness to its design.

50 oz Handle Jug Tumbler

HOGG Outfitter's 50 oz Handle Jug Tumbler merges utility with a sleek design. This mammoth-sized tumbler is tailor-made for those long days when regular refills aren't an option.

Crafted with our brand's signature quality, its insulation promises to keep beverages at their optimal temperature, be it a chilled lemonade during summer or a warm brew in colder months.

The tumbler comes with a non-removable handle, ensuring a steady grip and making this large container surprisingly easy to manage. Its push-on lid with a matching flip closure ensures no accidental spillage, and its stainless straw with a matching silicone tip further enhances the drinking experience.

20 oz Beer Mug

Combining the charm of traditional beer mugs with the advanced insulation technology HOGG is renowned for, this tumbler will keep your customers’ brews chilled to perfection.

Its robust handle provides an authentic beer mug feel, and the tumbler also features a Clear Sliding 2020 Lid — though some may come with a tinted sliding lid.

Whether it's a backyard barbecue or a game night indoors, this tumbler will elevate your customers’ beer-drinking experience.

15 oz Sublimatable Glass Coffee Mug Glitter Globe

For those with a soft spot for classic designs, the 15 oz Glass Coffee Mug-style tumbler evokes a sense of nostalgia. Made of clear glass and accompanied by a clear straw and wooden straw lid, it seamlessly marries vintage aesthetics with contemporary utility.

Its mug-like handle provides a familiar grip, perfect for cozy evenings or relaxed mornings. Not only does it blend the old-school mug charm with the modern tumbler's efficiency — its double-wall construction with a predrilled hole ensures optimal insulation.

We included a plug for added convenience, and the tumbler is BPA-free and coated for sublimation.

Strategic Recommendations for Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

Tapping into the tumbler market is a promising venture, especially when armed with HOGG's extensive range of products. But merely having quality tumblers isn't the endgame. It's crucial for entrepreneurs to strategically position their offerings, ensuring they resonate with the target audience and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

In this section, we'll navigate through actionable strategies for customizing and marketing your tumblers with handles, empowering you to elevate your tumbler business to new heights.

Leveraging the TikTok Trend

Social media has democratized marketing, allowing even small businesses to reach vast audiences. TikTok has an expansive user base, and tumblers with handles are trending on this platform, making it a gold mine of potential customers.

But how do you make your tumbler offerings shine on this popular application?

  • Create Engaging Content: TikTok is about far more than just showcasing your product — it's about telling a story. Perhaps you can create a short clip about how the 40 oz tumbler is the perfect road trip companion? Or maybe a fun challenge that incorporates your tumblers’ unique designs?
  • Use Hashtags Strategically: On TikTok, the right hashtag can catapult your content to virality. Research trending hashtags relevant to your tumblers, such as #tumblerwithhandle. This boosts visibility and ensures you reach a wider audience.

Pricing and Selling Tactics

Your price tag can make or break a deal. Here are a few tips for setting your prices, and we also have an entire article expanding on these concepts.

  • Competitive Pricing: While quality justifies the price, it's essential to be aware of market standards. Strike a balance where the price reflects the product's worth without alienating potential customers. You can do this by researching competitor prices and considering production costs. 
  • Early Bird Discounts: Give discounts to those who pre-order or purchase a newly launched tumbler model in its initial days.
  • Loyalty Programs: Reward repeat customers with points for every purchase, which can later be redeemed for discounts or free items.
  • Bundling and Promotions: Offering two tumblers at a slightly reduced combo price or introducing limited-time promotions can drive sales. It creates urgency and perceived value, encouraging customers to purchase your stunning tumblers with handles.

Harnessing the power of HOGG's tumblers and merging them with strategic marketing are great ways to get you on a path to success.

Handled Tumblers and More at HOGG Outfitters

Tumblers with handles, especially those crafted by HOGG Outfitters, offer an exciting blend of style, function, and market appeal. Entrepreneurs and business owners can move quickly toward success by understanding their value, tapping into current social media trends like TikTok, and deploying innovative branding and pricing strategies.

If you’re interested in learning more ways to elevate your brand, join HOGG Outfitter’s Facebook Group. There, you can connect with our community of dedicated tumbler entrepreneurs. You can also follow us on Instagram for even more inspiration for your tumbler business!

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