a group of mini tumblers and cups

Maximizing Sales: A Guide to the Mini Tumbler Trend in 2023

a group of mini tumblers and cups

Understanding the ebb and flow of current trends is paramount for tumbler entrepreneurs. You can harness the power of these trends to propel your tumbler enterprise forward, improving your sales and brand awareness.

When it comes to the tumbler industry, mini tumblers are making waves, and you can profit from this lucrative trend.

In this article, you’ll learn all about capitalizing on the recent demand for miniature tumblers. We'll examine the factors driving the popularity of these mini tumblers and will provide practical advice on sourcing, customizing, and marketing these products.

From tapping into seasonal trends to promoting these items, this article will equip you with knowledge and tactics to boost your sales and ensure your mini tumblers stand out.

Why Are Mini Tumblers Trending?

At its core, the mini tumbler trend is about meeting the modern consumer's thirst for convenience and style in a compact form. These small but mighty containers are riding the wave of minimalism and functionality that's sweeping through the consumer market.

But what exactly is propelling these miniature products to the forefront of buyer consciousness? Let's break down the factors contributing to the mini tumbler's rise to fame and how they resonate with today's shoppers.

Unique Design Appeal and Charm

There's an allure to miniature items that capture the same functionality as their larger counterparts. Mini tumblers offer a unique design appeal that taps into the consumer's desire for fun and visually appealing products.


Mini tumblers fit perfectly into the on-the-go lifestyle of consumers. Their compact size means they can be easily stowed in a backpack, car cup holder, or even a purse, making hydration on the move both fun and effortless.


Parents are always on the lookout for child-appropriate versions of adult products. Mini tumblers are the ideal solution, offering a perfect fit for little hands. Not only are they easier for young children to handle, but they also come with the added benefit of spill-proof designs, making them a hit with parents and children alike.

Gift Appeal

Mini tumblers are great gifts for the holidays or birthdays. Their charming designs make them an attractive stocking stuffer or a thoughtful standalone present for people of all ages. Whether given to a friend, family member, or colleague, a mini tumbler is more than just a gift — it's a usable memento that recipients of all ages can appreciate and enjoy.

The mini tumbler trend illustrates customers’ desires for convenience, style, and functionality, all packed into a charming, portable size. With their widespread appeal, these containers can be a great addition to your offerings.

Sourcing Mini Tumblers

Finding the right supplier for your mini tumblers is a pivotal step in your business journey. With the right sourcing strategy, your shelves stay stocked with mini tumblers that not only draw in customers but also maintain the integrity of your brand.

Luckily, HOGG Outfitters has you covered. Let’s take a look at some options perfect for capitalizing on this trend.

3oz Sublimatable Mini Skinny

The Sublimatable Mini Skinny is a compact, versatile tumbler crafted for those who appreciate the blend of durability and design. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this tumbler features a double-wall construction that keeps spirits, liqueurs, or non-alcoholic beverages at the ideal temperature.

These delightful tumblers also come with a clear screw lid that ensures a tight seal to prevent spills. The lid is designed with a removable keychain attachment, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Whether your customers are at a concert or hiking outdoors, they can easily attach the tumbler to their keychain for convenient storage and access.

To add even more appeal, the 3oz Sublimatable Mini Skinny is available to purchase in a six-pack and comes with three options: clear, white, and fun, glow-in-the-dark mini tumblers.

4oz Sublimatable Straight Shot Glass Tumbler

This 4oz tumbler comes complete with a clear lid that snugly fits to maintain the beverage's integrity, while the included stainless straw adds a dash of elegance to your sipping experience.

It's designed to be the perfect companion for any event, whether your customers are hosting a dinner party indoors or enjoying a barbecue outdoors. Built to last, the Straight Shot Glass Tumbler stands up to the test of durability, handling the bustle of any gathering with ease.

These tumblers come in a six-pack and three different color options: white, clear, and multi-colored. The multi-colored option adds even more fun to your mini tumbler offerings with a variety of vibrant hues.

When the party's over, cleaning is painless thanks to the mini tumbler’s straightforward design that's easy to rinse and ready for the next use.

3oz Tumbler Shot Glass

The 3oz Tumbler Shot Glass’ single-wall design is both lightweight and sturdy, perfect for shots of spirits, liqueurs, or non-alcoholic beverages.

The mini tumbler’s clear lid provides a secure fit, keeping your customers’ drinks safe whether mingling indoors or adventuring outdoors. Paired with a stainless straw, it brings an element of sophistication to customers’ casual sips or celebratory toasts.

Plus, these fun shot glasses are as durable as they're versatile, making them a perfect choice for your customers who host indoor and outdoor events.

The 3oz Tumbler Shot Glass comes in a six-pack with a variety of colors, including green, aqua pink, and more.

1.5oz Sublimatable Matte Glass Shot Glass

This shot glass isn't only a standout piece because of its matte finish but also because it's fully coated for sublimation, allowing you to apply your own designs, logos, or text for a fully customized look that's unique to your brand.

Crafted with safety in mind, the shot glass is BPA-free, ensuring that your customers can enjoy their favorite beverages without any concerns about harmful chemicals. Additionally, the 1.5oz Sublimatable Matte Glass Shot Glass comes in a pack of 12 or 144.

Whether your customers are looking to outfit a commercial establishment or seeking the perfect personalized shot glasses for events, these mini tumblers stand out with their sublimation-friendly surfaces and health-conscious constructions.

1.5oz Ridged Stainless Steel Shot Glass

The distinctive feature of this shot glass is its ridged lip at the top, which not only adds to its visual appeal but also provides a more comfortable sipping experience.

Whether your customers serve up delicate liqueurs or simple non-alcoholic options, this shot glass rises to the occasion. Its sturdy build is ideal for use at both lively indoor gatherings and outdoor festivities.

Post-celebration, the 1.5oz Ridged Stainless Steel Shot Glass is remarkably easy to clean, ensuring it's ready for the next event with minimal effort.

1.5oz Sublimatable Ceramic Shot Glass

This shot glass set, which comes in a pack of 12 or 144, is perfect for customers looking to stock up for events or parties.

Each shot glass in the case is BPA-free, offering the peace of mind that comes with health-conscious drinkware. Your customers will love these fun, safe shot glasses.

You can sublimate these ceramic shot glasses to your liking, further establishing your brand as a go-to for mini tumblers.

By carefully selecting your suppliers, you set the stage for a mini tumbler lineup that's as dependable as it is desirable. Your next step is to ensure that these tumblers are as unique as your business and appealing to your customers, which brings us to customization.

Customization and Personalization: Adding Value to Mini Tumblers

Customization and personalization are powerful tools that add significant value to your products. They can transform a simple tumbler into an individualized statement for each of your customers, making them feel special and seen.

Let's discuss how you can infuse your mini tumblers with character that appeals to your clientele.

Improving Product Appeal

Customizing your mini tumblers doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel and come up with something strikingly new. Instead, it's about adding that special touch that turns a regular item into a keepsake. Here’s how to do it effectively:

  • Know Your Customers: Understanding who buys your tumblers is essential. Are they parents looking for kid-friendly designs, or are they outdoor enthusiasts who value nature-inspired artwork? Customize your mini tumblers based on what would appeal most to your target demographic.
  • Offer Customization Options: Provide a variety of customization options, from color choices to engraved names or messages. This variety gives customers the power to choose and the pleasure of creating unique mini tumblers.
  • Keep It Simple: While customization is attractive, it shouldn't complicate the buying process. Offer clear options that are easy to choose from, making the personalization process a breeze for your customers.
  • Quality Matters: Ensure that any added customization doesn't compromise the quality of the tumbler. The last thing you want is for the extra features to fade or wear off quickly, as this can reflect poorly on your brand. If you're looking to avoid the pitfalls of customization, use the HOGG Heat Press for straightforward sublimation and breathtaking results.

By adding these personalized touches to your mini tumblers, you offer the opportunity for customers to express themselves, making your mini tumblers all the more appealing and unique.

Tapping into the Trend: Making Your Mini Tumblers a Must-Have

To fully capitalize on the lucrative mini tumbler trend, you need to market your products in a way that distinguishes you from your competition.

Let’s look at ways to differentiate your mini tumblers and make them irresistible to customers. Consider these actionable strategies:

  • Showcase Unique Features: What makes your mini tumblers different? Is it stylish design, durable construction, or the story behind them? Highlight these unique selling points in your marketing.
  • Bundle Deals: Pair mini tumblers with other products you sell. Bundling your offerings will make them appear more valuable, increasing the likelihood of customers completing a purchase. For instance, you can bundle a couple of mini tumblers with a full-sized tumbler featuring a similar theme.

By focusing on what makes your mini tumblers special and marketing them effectively, you can tap into the trend and watch your sales grow.

Offer Stunning Mini Tumblers and Maximize Sales

Mini tumblers offer a lucrative opportunity for your brand. To take advantage of this trend, you’ll need to find a high-quality mini tumbler wholesale supplier, such as HOGG Outfitters.

With a reputable supplier in place, you can focus on crafting stunning, unique mini tumblers that stand out. You can also provide customizable options, empowering your customers to inject their personal styles into these containers. Finally, focus on what makes your offerings unique and craft your marketing messages accordingly.

Each step of your mini tumbler journey is just as important as the last, and with the right strategy, these fun products can become a big hit for your business. Take these insights, apply them with care, and watch as your mini tumblers sales soar.

If you’re ready to discover more ways to push your brand forward, check out the HOGG Outfitter Facebook Group. There, you can get involved with a community of talented tumbler entrepreneurs. Be sure to also visit our Instagram for the latest products and deals at HOGG Outfitters.
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