TikTok app on cellphone and tumbler

How to Make Your Tumbler Business Go Viral on TikTok

TikTok app on cellphone and tumbler

While there are many great marketing tools available for tumbler entrepreneurs, one platform has taken the world by storm and is reshaping the rules of digital marketing: TikTok. Imagine leveraging a platform that reaches millions daily, with one billion users around the globe. Sound exciting? It should. TikTok isn't just another social media platform — it's your ticket to widespread recognition.

The reality is that going viral on TikTok can elevate your brand in ways traditional advertising can’t — but why? For starters, its user base is vast, diverse, and constantly hungry for fresh content. Additionally, the power of a viral video can magnify your brand's reach exponentially, creating ripples that echo across various demographics and generate sales. But, as with any tool, its success lies in how you use it.

From harnessing trending hashtags to the subtle art of posting at the right moment, we're about to unlock TikTok's vast potential. Let's explore how to transform challenges into opportunities on this dynamic platform.

Keep Up with the Latest Trends

TikTok sits right at the forefront of the whirlwind of change that's an ever-evolving digital landscape. Just as fashion cycles rotate and seasons change, the content trends on TikTok shift and transform, sometimes even overnight. 

For businesses, especially those in the tumbler industry, keeping a keen eye on these changes isn't just good advice — it's an essential strategy. To truly shine and capture the attention of the masses, you need to be in the loop, aware of the currents that move this vast ocean of content.

In a society filled with endless scrolling and entertainment options, stale content doesn’t stand a chance. But when you're on top of the latest trends, you speak the language of your audience. This isn't about blindly following the crowd — it's about understanding the cultural pulse, the shared jokes, the trending music, and the collective sentiments. Being current means your brand is relatable, accessible, and, most importantly, visible.

Trends and User Engagement

Imagine crafting a beautifully designed tumbler inspired by a current event or popular theme. Now, pair that with a TikTok video showcasing the product, aligned with a trending sound or challenge. The result? A higher chance of engagement, shares, and virality. Trends act like magnets, drawing viewers in. And when your content resonates with what's popular, users stop, watch, and engage instead of mindlessly scrolling.

For example, in 2023, the movie Barbie was all over TikTok, with various hashtags and trends. You could jump onto this trend by offering tumblers with breathtaking pink designs and other details inspired by the film and popular doll. Of course, you’ll want to avoid featuring the word “Barbie” or any other copyrighted material on your products, but you can still incorporate the sounds, dances, and trends from the film and fanbase into your TikToks. 

Use Trending and Relevant Hashtags

TikTok’s core lies in its algorithm, a complex mechanism that decides which content gets pushed to which users. This algorithm highly favors discoverability. It constantly introduces users to new content. But how does it decide what to show? Enter hashtags

Navigating TikTok without understanding the power of hashtags is a fast track to nowhere. Hashtags aren't just add-ons — they're fundamental. For tumbler businesses looking to carve a niche on TikTok, strategically using trending and relevant hashtags is pivotal.

By incorporating trending and pertinent hashtags into your videos, you signal to the TikTok algorithm how to classify your content. Think of them as labels on store shelves. They categorize and highlight, making it easier for users to find and engage with your content.

Techniques for Finding the Right Hashtags

The world of hashtags is dynamic, and what's trending today might not be tomorrow. To stay ahead:

  • Monitor TikTok's Discover page: It's a treasure trove of trending hashtags. But don't just pick any — select those that align with your tumbler brand.
  • Use tools and apps: Several third-party apps provide insights into trending TikTok hashtags, such as HashtagExpert. They analyze the current trends and offer suggestions that could bolster your content's reach.
  • Analyze your niche: What are other tumbler businesses or related brands using? Drawing inspiration from competitors or parallel industries, such as mug and other cup designers, can sometimes provide that winning hashtag.

Remember, while chasing trends is beneficial, authenticity matters. Ensure the hashtags resonate with your content and aren't just tacked on for the sake of going viral. 

Post Consistently and Often

Content pours in by the second on TikTok, so remaining visible is no small feat. Consistency isn't just recommended — it's the lifeblood of sustained engagement. Adopting a consistent posting schedule is paramount for TikTok growth. 

Why Consistency Matters 

In its quest to keep users engaged, TikTok's algorithm heavily favors accounts that post consistently. When you're a regular content contributor, the platform recognizes your commitment and is more likely to reward you with increased visibility. Beyond the algorithm, your followers come to anticipate your content. Like tuning into their favorite show, they know when to expect your next post, creating a sense of familiarity and anticipation.

Staying consistent doesn't necessarily mean posting every hour or even every day, but it does imply having a rhythm. Start by gauging what's feasible. Whether it's three times a week or daily, choose a frequency you can realistically maintain. 

Next, plan your content in advance. Having a content bank means you're not scrambling for ideas at the last minute. This allows for more thoughtful and higher-quality videos. 

Lastly, set reminders. In the early stages, reminders can ensure you stick to your schedule. Over time, it'll become second nature to create a surplus of content and release consistently.

It's essential to remember that while consistency is crucial, it shouldn't come at the expense of quality. Your audience values meaningful, engaging content. Find that sweet spot between frequency and value, and watch your tumbler business flourish on the booming platform.

Post at the Right Time

Timing your posts correctly can improve your likelihood of going viral on TikTok. Beyond crafting captivating content, it's about ensuring it reaches your audience when they're most active, attentive, and ready to engage. In other words, not only should you be consistent, but you also need to be timely.

While the TikTok algorithm has many facets, one undeniable factor is engagement rate. Videos that receive early traction — in terms of comments, likes, and shares — are more likely to be amplified. Posting when your target audience is most active gives your content a head start, increasing the chances of it going viral.

However, while it’s important for your videos to reach a wide audience, you also need to make sure to cater your videos to consumers who are most likely to buy your products. As an example, if you don’t offer international shipping, you’ll likely want to prioritize reaching domestic audiences. International audiences will still be valuable in growing your TikTok presence, but they can’t buy your products.

Strategies to Nail Your Timing

How do you figure out this golden window for posting? Here are some steps to guide you:

  • Analyze your audience demographics: Knowing where the majority of your followers are from can give insights into their active hours for continual growth. That said, you should still prioritize the locations of your target buyers. For instance, if you primarily sell tumblers in the Eastern United States, you should target the EST time zone. 
  • Utilize TikTok analytics: Once you sign up, consider converting your TikTok to a Business Account. It’s free and enables the platform to provide you with data on when your followers are most active. This can be a direct roadmap to determine your posting schedule.
  • Test and learn: Start your posting schedule with educated guesses based on your insights, then observe the performance. Over time, patterns will emerge, guiding you toward the most fruitful posting hours.

While these strategies offer a framework, it's essential to remember that the TikTok landscape is dynamic. Regularly revisiting your strategy, staying adaptable, and recalibrating based on results can keep your tumbler business in the spotlight.

Interact with Your Followers and Other Users

Every comment, like, or share on TikTok isn't just an engagement metric — it's a conversation opportunity. When users take a moment from their scrolling spree to interact with your content, they're expressing interest. Responding to these engagements amplifies that interest, turning fleeting interactions into potential customers.

Start Your Video with a Hook

Think back to the last time you were captivated by a book's first sentence or drawn into a movie by its opening scene. TikTok is no different. In a platform bursting with colorful, fast-paced content, the first few seconds of your video serve as your handshake with the viewer. It's your moment to say, "Trust me, you'll want to see this." These hooks are an absolute must for your growth strategy.

How to Create an Effective Hook

Your hook is a magnetic force, pulling viewers in and urging them to stay. A compelling start retains viewers and increases the likelihood they'll engage with your content, from liking to sharing to commenting.

Crafting that crucial opening moment in a video might feel like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. However, with some tried-and-true techniques, consistently capturing attention becomes a feasible task. 

Start by promising value immediately through a statement or visual that hints at what's to come. For instance, if you're about to unveil a never-before-seen tumbler design, starting with a teaser shot or an intriguing question can pique interest. For example, if you sell a tumbler that changes color with different temperatures, you could simply ask, "Ever seen a tumbler change color with temperature?"  

Additionally, don’t underestimate powerful visuals. Striking images or dynamic shots of your tumblers in unique settings can instantly command viewer attention. 

But visuals alone don't always do the trick. It's crucial to also evoke emotion. Whether you're aiming to stir up curiosity, excitement, or amusement, you can use stirring elements. This may include music, facial expressions, and the tone of your voice. For example, rather than speaking in monotone and looking blankly into the camera, you can convey enthusiasm with your voice and facial expressions. 

Lastly, amid all the strategies to grip attention, ensure you maintain authenticity. While the goal is to captivate, make sure that the approach doesn't deviate from the genuine essence and ethos of your tumbler business. Forced or inauthentic hooks might grab attention momentarily, but they can also risk turning viewers off. The key lies in striking a harmonious balance that genuinely mirrors your brand.

In summary, think of your video's opening as the storefront window to your tumbler business. Display your most captivating items, beckon viewers inside, and let the quality of your content keep them browsing.

Add Value, Entertain, and Be Relatable

In a world teeming with digital content, why should anyone pause and engage with your tumbler business on TikTok? The answer lies in an unwritten TikTok mantra: add value, entertain, and be relatable. 

Successful content bridges your brand and the viewer, creating a personal and genuine connection. For your tumbler business to shine on TikTok, it’s crucial to weave these three elements into every post. 

Every TikTok video should serve a purpose beyond just promotion. Whether it's a DIY walkthrough on customizing a tumbler, tips on maintaining its shine, or even a behind-the-scenes peek into the crafting process, providing tangible value sets you apart from the noise. When viewers gain something from your videos — a tip, a trick, or a fresh perspective — they're more likely to remember your brand and return for more.

The Power of Entertainment

At its heart, TikTok is an entertainment platform. People log in to laugh, to marvel, and to be inspired. By ensuring your videos are entertaining, you align with the platform's spirit. This doesn't mean turning your tumbler showcases into comedy skits, but think creatively. It could be a rhythmic video of you designing tumblers set to a trending track. Or a fun challenge involving your product. The goal? Make your audience smile, laugh, or tap their feet.

Similarly, people want to interact with brands that feel human. This means showcasing more than just a polished final product. Share the mistakes, the fun bloopers, and you or your team's coffee breaks. When viewers relate to you, they form a bond that goes beyond the screen. This sense of kinship makes them more likely to make a purchase or champion your brand. 

Simply put, on TikTok, you're not just a tumbler business. You're a storyteller, a friend, and a guide. The trifecta of adding value, entertaining, and being relatable turns viewers into followers and followers into loyal customers. Embrace this formula and watch your brand's TikTok journey transform.

Growing Your Tumbler Business with TikTok

TikTok is more than just a platform of fleeting trends and catchy dances — it's an expansive marketplace waiting for your tumbler business to shine. Like crafting the perfect tumbler, mastering TikTok requires attention to detail, consistency, and creativity. From the importance of timing your posts just right to creating high-quality content that connects, every strategy we've discussed is a brushstroke in the grand painting of your brand's success on the platform.

Remember, going viral is only sometimes about being the loudest in the room. Often, it's about being the most authentic, relatable, and valuable voice that resonates with your audience. 

If you’re interested in learning more ways to elevate your brand, check out Hogg Outfitter’s Facebook Group, where you can join our community of dedicated tumbler entrepreneurs. Plus, you can follow us on Instagram for even more inspiration for your tumbler business!
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